Conference EEPES 2023 welcomes papers from the full spectrum of research topics (in alphabetical order):

Artificial intelligence
Beyond 5G & 6G access and core networks
Big data analysis
Cloud technologies and applications
Computer vision and image analysis
Digital electronic technology
Distributed power generation
Electromagnetic and photonics
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
Electronic circuits
Engineering physics
Environmental physics
Fuel cells
Geo-information systems
Global navigation satellite systems
Human-computer interaction
Information and communication technologies
Internet and network applications
Internet of everything (IoE)
Intelligent transport systems
Laser technology and optical communication

Mathematics and Informatics
Microwave and millimeter-wave circuits and antennas – 5G & 6G
Mobile computing
Modeling and simulation
Nanotechnology and nanoelectronics
Navigation in the space environment and space segment developments
Passive optical networks and architectures
Positioning, navigation and timing systems & technology
Renewable energy sources
Robotic systems
Satellite and terrestrial networks convergence
Smart grid and green energy environment
Smart materials
Solar power
Software defined networking
Telecommunication systems and networks protocols
Wireless sensor networks